EFE is open, as an essential business that provides manufacturing support to critical instruments serving medical, the federal government and military needs, we are keeping our manufacturing operations running. We are taking all necessary precautions to minimize risk to our employees, clients, partners, and community, all while continuing to maintain excellent service and the highest quality manufactured goods for these critical devices.

Philadelphia Smart CEO Quote

Kip Anthony, President, EFE Labs

“In a compromise situation, I first seek to listen to the position of the other side, be it the employer or the customer. I try to understand where they’re at, what the key points are that they’re looking for, because I’m kind of a diplomat and I immediately try to craft a win-win scenario where both parties can walk away feeling like they came out of the situation with a satisfactory answer. It truly does provide benefit to both parties [to] knock out the items that are most detrimental – risk and damage mitigation if you will. I try to make sure I stay out of a compromise that has potential catastrophic consequences to the business. But I also realize that business is something that inherently incurs risk. I do accept that sometimes we make intelligent gambles.”

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