EFE is open, as an essential business that provides manufacturing support to critical instruments serving medical, the federal government and military needs, we are keeping our manufacturing operations running. We are taking all necessary precautions to minimize risk to our employees, clients, partners, and community, all while continuing to maintain excellent service and the highest quality manufactured goods for these critical devices.

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Design/Manufacturing Firm Specializing in Compaction Products

An up-and-coming design/manufacturing firm specializing in compaction products for pharmaceutical and other industrial applications sought support as it worked to expand both its product lineup and market reach.

The Challenge

An up-and-coming design/manufacturing firm specializing in compaction products for pharmaceutical and other industrial applications sought support as it worked to expand both its product lineup and market reach.

In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, the company knew it would need new and expanded manufacturing capabilities. Its existing facility included CNC milling, lathes, and other equipment, but real growth would require a great deal more.

“We help pharmaceutical developers test more compaction scenarios and get closer to the results they would see on a production press,” the company’s owner says. “[The process] is very easy to use and very fast, but the concept wasn’t ready for prime time.”

The company realized these shortcomings, but it also realized the many benefits that could result from a strategic alliance with a world-class electromechanical contract manufacturer.

The Solution

That’s where EFE’s unique contract manufacturing expertise came into play. The company’s management knew EFE to be a go-to choice for those seeking a partner delivering one-stop operations, production, and design capabilities.

“The company’s owner has been successful at building the business gradually,” says EFE’s President, Kip Anthony. “We felt that offering them help in the incubator stage would support and accelerate that growth.

“Specifically, EFE’s ability to aid in documentation development, wiring, and other assembly work filled key gaps in our client’s capabilities.”

“We rely on Kip and the team at EFE for their expertise,” the company’s owner says. “EFE has helped us finalize our designs and bring the electrical assembly part of our production to the next level.”

Today, this relationship is on the fast track to continued success. As the company makes further inroads with end users and its products continue to generate positive word-of-mouth, there are plans to engage EFE for larger-scale contract manufacturing.

“EFE is unique in its ability to deliver industry-leading design support, operational advice, and manufacturing space,” Anthony says. “We’re happy to let them conduct development work here and even host customer visits.”

The Benefit

Thanks to the partnership with EFE, the company finds itself ready to open important new doors.

“The ability to leverage EFE’s electrical assembly and manufacturing strengths is promoting real innovation,” the owner says. “Currently, what comes out of our machines is for study, not human consumption. EFE is helping us by bringing our shop GMP [Good Manufacturing Practice] expertise. That will let our products make tablets that can go straight into clinical studies.

“We have a new design that’s a pretty radical departure from the status quo,” he adds. “I’ve built versions for test before, but EFE is helping with electrical assembly of an updated model that I’ve designed and they have built. Ultimately, their involvement will help us make sure it’s up to code and correctly documented before it goes out for beta test.”

Perhaps the primary benefit of the EFE incubator arrangement lies in the flexibility to expand the company’s offerings, access funding, and promote itself in ways that might not otherwise be open to them.

“It’s the way they let us present ourselves, but also the infrastructure they give us,” the company’s owner says. “I get products started, but Kip already has clients lined up for them. He’s even been out there looking for grant money and organizing the submissions.”

“We’re happy to help them grow and develop in any way we can, for as long as we both agree that the arrangement is beneficial,” Anthony says. “This is a perfect example of how EFE can make it possible for a new manufacturer to gain traction and become a viable entity of its own. It’s the best way I can think of to apply our success to benefit others.”

About EFE Labs

EFE Laboratories is a Horsham, Pennsylvania-based enterprise with a more than 50-year history. The company is an established, experienced contract manufacturer providing innovative solutions for customers across a number of markets. As part of its solutions-based approach to contract manufacturing, the company leverages design, engineering, and production expertise to maximize value while minimizing cost.