EFE is open, as an essential business that provides manufacturing support to critical instruments serving medical, the federal government and military needs, we are keeping our manufacturing operations running. We are taking all necessary precautions to minimize risk to our employees, clients, partners, and community, all while continuing to maintain excellent service and the highest quality manufactured goods for these critical devices.

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Atmospheric, Industrial, and Specialty Gas Supplier

An international supplier of atmospheric, industrial, and specialty gases was in need of an electromechanical contract manufacturer to produce several different models of their gas controllers.

The Challenge

An international supplier of atmospheric, industrial, and specialty gases was in need of an electromechanical contract manufacturer to produce several different models of their gas controllers.

Knowing that EFE is a regional leader in this kind of work, they contacted our Horsham, Pennsylvania-based company to build a variety of control boxes for their Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania facility. Following production, the boxes were to be shipped back to Montgomeryville for final testing.

As this engagement progressed, EFE quickly realized that the capacity of the testing department in Montgomeryville was limited, and some units were often in queue for two weeks or more. These delays became a bottleneck to the customer’s project flow and revenue.

Further aggravating this situation was an embedded project requirement calling for documentation scrubbing, which led to a final-test feedback loop with EFE.

EFE’s team soon determined that this handling approach often led to logjams that would dramatically handicap the client’s speed to market. And further discovery by EFE identified that the client’s current-state operations led to less-than-ideal utilization of new product development and engineering resources.

As an organization with leadership committed to working as a sort of outsourced vice president of operations for Fortune 500 clients and startups alike, it was not long before EFE was ready to advise our account on a process improvement strategy that would significantly enhance their throughput.

The Solution

EFE management presented our clients with a solution that would have EFE’s engineering team conduct final functionality testing with a simulator we designed in house to test the full functionality of our client’s units. The client appreciated the benefits of the proposed solution and agreed to provide the functional documentation required to facilitate the simulator design.

With the freedom to operate, EFE’s team went to work and designed a solution for an efficient testing system. Our engineers realized a standardized test bed would provide better all-around outcomes when compared to the assortment of harnesses previously used by the customer to simulate analog and digital inputs.

Our team was able to design and create an actual test bed that could be used across our customer’s entire product line. The finished product was so helpful that it would ultimately go on to be sold to our customer’s end users for their individual testing and training purposes. From there, we promptly designed and manufactured a standardized fixture and test procedures for each gas controller model.

Impressed with EFE’s engineering capabilities and ingenuity, the client quickly approved our system. More importantly, they began to see our organization as an extension of theirs. Today EFE is capable of fixing virtually any problem right in the shop, and our working relationship has strengthened to the point that EFE is currently able to manage our client’s inventory levels and ship directly to their end customers.

The Benefit

EFE’s impact on our client was two-fold: First, we enabled them to get product to market faster; second, EFE freed up the customer’s internal resources, allowing their engineers to focus on product development rather than testing the gas controllers.

Our work here demonstrates EFE’s ability to function as a world-class contract manufacturing partner. EFE’s expert engineering staff can define areas of operational improvements for better manufacturability that will save our clients time, resources, and money as they bring their offerings to markets around the world.

The team at EFE is committed to producing exceptional outcomes with each job we take on from every customer we serve.

Moreover, EFE provides the experience value and manufacturing knowledge that our clients need to prosper. If not for the talent of our engineering team, our client might still be faced with the many hurdles their inefficient system produced.

About EFE Labs

EFE Laboratories is a Horsham, Pennsylvania-based enterprise with a more than 50-year history. The company is an established, experienced contract manufacturer providing innovative solutions for customers across a number of markets. As part of its solutions-based approach to contract manufacturing, the company leverages design, engineering, and production expertise to maximize value while minimizing cost.