EFE is open, as an essential business that provides manufacturing support to critical instruments serving medical, the federal government and military needs, we are keeping our manufacturing operations running. We are taking all necessary precautions to minimize risk to our employees, clients, partners, and community, all while continuing to maintain excellent service and the highest quality manufactured goods for these critical devices.


EFE’s operations knowledge—gained through a half century of experience in a number of demanding industries—provides the insight to bring any project from first sketch to first parts. Regardless of our clients’ end-use industries, we approach every engagement with the goal of using our experience to benefit our customers.

The desire to share our fluency drives the sense of excellence in our delivery across all of the industries listed below.


The aerospace industry demands an ability to meet AS9100C and similar standards in a timely manner. Combining these rigorous quality requirements with a need to work with sophisticated materials poses unique challenges. Fortunately, EFE excels at accommodating these dynamic projects and their ongoing engineering changes, specification updates, and timeline adjustments. We deliver dependable quality and reliability as part of every project engagement.


The automotive industry in particular embraces the concepts and practical applications of Lean manufacturing. In this case, success is a matter of meeting ISO quality standards and satisfying the need for high volume, zero defects, and poka-yoke mistake-proofing. Realizing that level of consistency means reliability, quality, and a sense of urgency to provide rapid support when needed.


EFE’s experience in the chemical industry includes successful completion of a range of projects for heavily regulated applications. Through our collaboration with specialty gas manufactures, water treatment chemical producers, and others, EFE has leveraged its UL-508A compliance in particular to deliver control systems, monitoring, distribution and dispensing equipment, and more.


Within the electrical equipment industry, our ability to interface with product engineers, tool and test engineers, and designers has enabled us to develop a strong working knowledge of the manufacturing processes and products involved. These include lighting control systems, electrical and mechanical fixtures, and much more, with EFE providing full, tested designs, manufacturing services, and in-house safety evaluations.


ISO 9001:2015 certification and UL 508A compliance—combined with extensive on-staff engineering and LabVIEW programming expertise—enable EFE to deliver a number of products for the energy industry. These include emission-monitoring equipment, closed-loop systems designed to optimize equipment performance, test equipment for deep-well drilling rigs, and more. From design and manufacturing to site startup and training, EFE offers a comprehensive engagement methodology.


Succeeding in the industrial products industry requires the ability to deliver flexibility and consistent quality. At EFE, we leverage ISO 9001:2015 certification as the foundation for a concise business process. Whether customers’ forecasts anticipate increased volume to meet their peak demand or downsizing, flexibility and accommodation are key. Our Quality Management System (QMS) institutionalizes the agility required to guarantee delivery on time and to specifications.

Pharmaceutical / Medical

Precision and traceability are fundamental when it comes to pharmaceutical and medical product assembly. Supply chain management and control mandate on-site vendor audits and monitoring metrics, as well as ongoing review and maintenance to ensure continual quality and delivery. Other critical elements are transparency and traceability; sustainable processes—and proper documentation—are vital to prevent deviations.